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Meet LA-Más!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

LA-Más is a non-profit urban design organization that helps lower-income and undeserved communities shape their future through policy and architecture. We envisioned a world where city growth is equitable and self-directed - where the best local solutions are brought to a city-wide scale. As architects, policy advocates, planners, builders, and organizers, we are able to leverage our unique position as intermediaries between political will and community need. We elevate innovative local solutions and collaborate with public agencies to promote an inclusive model for community development.

LA-Más is proud to have called Frogtown home since 2014. Though we work across the region, we see this community as a place where we can engage critically and thoughtfully in conversations surrounding inclusive change. We regularly partner with local organizations and community members. We led a community visioning process called Futuro de Frogtown, created Knowledge Hubs to share housing resources, and donate our time each year to create wayfinding signage for the Frogtown Artwalk.

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