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Trials and tribulations of Re-opening

One restaurant you might be missing lately is our beloved Salazar. Billy Silverman, owner of Salazar, has set, moved, and cancelled reopening dates several times now. Since Los Angeles restaurants were able to open and then shortly closed again due to rising cases, Billy questions why it was considered safe to open in the first place if data said otherwise?

Above: Salazar's famous Micheladas. Below: A look at a 7-day chart from last month running the average of new COVID cases in LA county. Billy shared this picture on the restaurant's Instagram to explain to eager patrons why they haven't opened up yet.

Salazar was set to reopen, but then the new spike around July 4th happened, and once again they decided to stay closed. Although they would like to open, they strongly believe in waiting until the curve flattens so no one's safety is put at risk.

Billy says they've used the last month to get the place cleaned and painted. With a PPP loan and employees making more money while safe at home with unemployment, Salazar can wait out the pandemic as long as necessary.

Until the county gets anywhere near its own guidelines for reopening, which were guessing best scenario would be August, we'll continue to go sans Salazar and support their decision to stay closed until the data shows its safe. Until then, we'll "taco" about how awesome Salazar is.

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